Class Descriptions

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Piano Sight-Reading 
Learn how to “sight-read” piano music at the beginning level. Topics include identifying keys on the keyboard and reading notes on the music staff, recognizing intervals (melodic & harmonic), and using proper fingering. 

Piano Chords & Inversions 

Learn how to play piano chords and their inversions, including a couple pieces with chords. 

Piano Moonlight Sonata 
Learn to play Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata (1st movement), either the original or an easier version.


Piano I - Beginning 
For students with little or no music background. Learn all the basics about playing the piano or keyboard including identifying notes on the keyboard and the music staff, intervals and sight-reading, rhythm, harmony, and chords. The focus is on playing the melody with the right hand and chords with the left hand. Students learn to play finger patterns and sight-read music based on intervals from the very beginning.

Piano II - Intermediate  

This is a continuation of Piano I. It is also for students who have some basic understanding of how to read simple piano music and play with two hands on the piano or keyboard. The focus is on learning piano pieces written in the keys of C, G and F, and playing with both hands in different styles and articulations.  

Piano II - Intermediate High
This is a continuation of Piano II (Intermediate). It is also for students who have a comfortable knowledge of basic note reading and are able to play pieces at Level III with both hands. The focus is on learning piano pieces written in different keys and chords including traditional favorites, popular tunes, and classical themes by the masters in different styles and articulations.


Private Lessons (501A/B) see Private Lessons for more information